Notre Dame loose change drive benefits hurricane victims

2017-10-13T08:48:02+00:00October 13, 2017 at 8:47 am|

Ask and you shall receive!  What started as a simple idea by Nancy Stegman’s 7th grade Religion class at Notre Dame High School, turned into a school-wide “loose change drive” that raised $500 for the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas.   7th-12th grade students at Notre Dame Jr/Sr School worked for 2 weeks fundraising with bake sales and daily change collection.   In addition, students from Stegman’s Religion class led prayer each morning and afternoon over the school loudspeaker for the hurricane victims.   “The enthusiasm from the Notre Dame 7th grade who approached me with this idea was contagious; the enthusiasm spread throughout the school and it was amazing to see the entire ND Junior – Senior High school come together to raise hundreds of dollars for people affected by this tragedy,”  said 7th grade Notre Dame Religion teacher. All the money collected was sent to the Houston Flood Disaster relief in conjunction with Adore Ministries.  Adore Ministries is a Catholic Outreach and Missionary team set on reaching people, impacting cities and sharing the Gospel. 


Students in grades K-12 at The Notre Dame Schools are encouraged to participate in service activities throughout the school year.  Students at Notre Dame Elementary are currently collecting school supplies to send to Houston for hurricane victims.