Spaghetti and Sweet Peas and Carrots ~~ OH MY!  The cans and boxes rolled in continuously through the course of this past week under the direction of Mrs. Stegman, Campus Minister and Key Club Director, while her foot soldiers counted and sorted the donations made by generous souls throughout the community.  The Annual Food Drive is a big event at ND and as many as 17 local food pantries rely on the students’ efforts and success to feed the poor through the winter months.  A goal of 10,000 cans was established for the week-long collection, and while the count is as yet undetermined, it’s for sure that the process was a team effort; every single student/family participated. “It’s what we do”, said Ethan Palmer and Alyssa Hiles, shown above as they gathered and sorted fruits, veggies, peanut butter and breakfast bars.  “Notre Dame students are known for this amazing feat, and we are happy to be a part of it.”  [More word later on whether the 10,000 item goal was met!]