Notre Dame Alumni Award

Notre Dame Alumni Award

Notre Dame graduates Andy and Barb Glockner received the Notre Dame Alumni Award at this year’s high school graduation on May 26, 2012. This award recognizes graduates of Notre Dame who have demonstrated a positive involvement and significant contribution to his or community or profession.

Andy and Barb were involved in various athletic programs including football, basketball and cheerleading as students. Andy was active in student government and a member of the 1970 State Champion Football Team. Barb was a member of prom committee, homecoming and glee club. After graduation they continued the family tradition of staying actively involved in the Notre Dame School system, established by their parents. Andy has called bingo for over 20 years, sells tickets at home football games or works on the chain gang during the game. Barb is an integral part of the Bid Your Heart Out committee, which has been so successful in raising funds for The Notre Dame Schools and has served as Liturgical Music Director at the elementary for over 25 years.

Countless students have relied on them for financial assistance with tuition through the years. Andy has served on the Development Committee, School Board and Athletic Association numerous times.
Whenever possible, they prefer to give anonymously without personal recognition. Their five children graduated from Notre Dame and a new generation of Glockners are now attending the elementary

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