February 2015

These first nine months for the Board of Trustees have been formative. In March of 2014, an election of members was held. A new Code of Regulations was presented to the Board. Officers and committee chairs were elected. Committees were formed. In June, a new Episcopal Moderator of Catholic Education and Superintendent of Schools was named for the Diocese of Columbus.
So what have we been doing for the past eight months? Largely, we’ve been getting our feet on the ground.
We were blessed to be able to get together for a retreat where we were able establish the Board’s mission, vision, and strategic values. From these, we have established some goals for our first year of operation, and established benchmarks. We are tracking our progress toward the continued success of Notre Dame Schools. All of this information can be found in detail on our web page.
We have been blessed with a new Superintendent, Dr. Joseph Brettnacher. Dr. Brettnacher has been an active participant in the operations and management of the Board and our schools in his short time here. He brings with him not only exceptional knowledge and expertise, but a firm commitment to providing Catholic education to our community. Dr. Brettnacher has made a huge lifetime commitment to a great opportunity.
We have been blessed by incredible pastoral leadership. All three pastors from our county churches are standing and voting members of the board. Frs. Streitenberger, Yokum, and Young have demonstrated one-hundred percent participation and support of our Board and schools.
We have been blessed by a strong group of elected board members. It has been a blessing for me personally to get to know and establish working relationships with this group. From my view, these are hard-working, well-intentioned, well-experienced and well-educated leaders. We do not agree on every issue. We do agree that Notre Dames Schools bring to our community an irreplaceable opportunity to prepare the servant-leaders of the future in a setting where they can know and love their God and share that love with others. We are growing as group, and are committed to witness the growth of Notre Dame Schools.
As we have been told by Pope Francis and Bishop Campbell, Catholic education is a responsibility shared by all of us. Whether you have family in Notre Dame Schools or not, there are great opportunities for you in this community to share in this mission. I pray for your continued support, your leadership, your advocacy, and your prayers, for Notre Dame Schools and our Board of Trustees.
Look forward next month to more about the workings of the Notre Dame Schools Board of Trustees.

-Terrence Welsh, President

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