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9:16 amApril 13, 2015

Our “Code of Regulations”

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This month I thought it would helpful to talk about the Notre Dame Board of Trustees’ (which I’ll call the “NDBOT”) governing document, the Code of Regulations (which I will in turn call the “COR”). The COR is the document that outlines the duties, responsibilities, limitations, and operating procedures of the NDBOT. It was developed by, and signed by the Bishop, the Superintendent, and the three priests of our county. It has undergone one minor [...]

2:49 pmMarch 13, 2015

February 2015

March 13, 2015|Categories: NDBOT Blog|Comments Off on February 2015

These first nine months for the Board of Trustees have been formative. In March of 2014, an election of members was held. A new Code of Regulations was presented to the Board. Officers and committee chairs were elected. Committees were formed. In June, a new Episcopal Moderator of Catholic Education and Superintendent of Schools was named for the Diocese of Columbus. So what have we been doing for the past eight months? Largely, we’ve been [...]