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The Giving Tree is Alive at Notre Dame

Each class at Notre Dame Jr/Sr High School, the Key Club and the Faculty selected names from the Catholic Social Services Christmas Giving Tree and generously supported several children of the area whose Christmas likely would not be so bright as their own without these students' generosity.  These Junior Class boys, Bryson Arnett, Sam Mays, Cole Harrell, and Ben Mader, under Santa's direction, gathered the beautiful packages representing a tremendous effort by ND students, and delivered the packages to the St. Francis Outreach Center where the packages will be picked up by those families in need of a brighter Christmas morning.  A festive air permeated the school halls on Friday morning as ND students enjoyed sharing their Christian mission!

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Notre Dame Canned Food Drive

Spaghetti and Sweet Peas and Carrots ~~ OH MY!  The cans and boxes rolled in continuously through the course of this past week under the direction of Mrs. Stegman, Campus Minister and Key Club Director, while her foot soldiers counted and sorted the donations made by generous souls throughout the community.  The Annual Food Drive is a big event at ND and as many as 17 local food pantries rely on the students' efforts and success to feed the poor through the winter months.  A goal of 10,000 cans was established for the week-long collection, and while the count is as yet undetermined, it's for sure that the process was a team effort; every single student/family participated. "It's what we do", said Ethan Palmer and Alyssa Hiles, shown above as they gathered and sorted fruits, veggies, peanut butter and breakfast bars.  "Notre Dame students are known for this amazing feat, and we are happy to be a part of it."  [More word later on whether the 10,000 item goal was met!]

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Wendy’s Heisman Award Winners 2017-18

Lexi Ann Smith and Joseph Beckett have been selected as the Notre Dame Jr/Sr High School Wendy's Heisman Award Winners.  Mr. Walker, High School Principal, presented these seniors with a certificate to denote their accomplishments in the areas of:  Community Service;  treating people with Respect; in their Academic pursuits, and by excelling on the Athletic Field.  The Seniors will join other area award winners in a program sponsored by the Wendy's corporation in the near future. The Wendy's Heisman award program approaches its third decade and we thought you might enjoy reading about how it all began. The Wendy’s® High School Heisman® Scholarship was created by Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas in 1994. Dave Thomas dropped out of high school when he was 15 years old in order to work full-time and went on to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in history. While this nontraditional path led to his prosperity, it always worried Dave that others would expect to achieve similar fame and wealth by not finishing high school or attending college. Faced with this dilemma, at 61 years old, Dave took the required classes to earn his General Equivalency Diploma (GED) and was honored at a ceremony at Coconut Creek High School in Ft. Lauderdale, FL,. The senior class of 1993 embraced their honorary classmate by inviting Dave and his wife Lorraine to the senior prom and voting him “Most Likely to Succeed.” Inspired by his desire to celebrate the outstanding achievements of youth in America, he launched the Wendy’s High School Heisman program. Twenty-two years later, Wendy’s has honored more than 600,000 of the nation’s most esteemed high school seniors who share Wendy’s values of giving back to their communities, treating people [...]

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