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At A Glance

Every day we strive to do the best for Notre Dame students with quality academics, access to great teaching, individualized attention and a culture of ethics and service. Standardized test scores at both the elementary and the high school are above the national average. Our seniors are accepted at highly competitive colleges such as University of Notre Dame, Harvard, Xavier, Ohio State University, Virginia Tech and University of Kentucky. In 2012, 24 seniors were offered over a million dollars in college scholarships.

Founded in 1852 as Holy Redeemer School, now Notre Dame High School and Elementary, the schools are part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Columbus and are located in the city of Portsmouth, Ohio.

Admission to the schools is open to all faiths and expressions. Religion, values and morals are integrated into the curriculum in Notre Dame Schools. Our goal is to empower all students to achieve their full potential encouraging them to become positive, contributing members of the community and the world.

The Notre Dame Schools are organized into two separate schools — Notre Dame High School and Notre Dame Elementary (Preschool is located in the Elementary School Building. Enrollment for the 2012-13 academic year was 350 students K-12.

The source of the school’s academic strength is its faculty, which carries a student to faculty ratio of 20:1, equaling more hands on teaching that results in better learning.

At Notre Dame, education always has been linked to values, among them living in community and volunteering in community service. All students are required to do service projects. By serving others, students gain confidence as well as make a difference in their community. One hundred percent of Notre Dame students engage in some form of voluntary service-learning during their years at the school, contributing to 1200 hours of service a year.