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Notre Dame District News

Worship. Grow. Serve. Learn.

The Notre Dame Schools has a rich tradition of preparing students to accomplish their life goals through a great combination of quality academics and personal relationships. Every day we strive to do the best for Notre Dame students with quality academics, access to great teaching, individualized attention and a culture of ethics and service.

10:1 Student/Faculty Ratio.
Tuition assistant is available to all students and families.
100% Passing the OGT. 100% Graduation Rate. 100% Success
97% of graduates go on to higher education (excludes anyone joining the military).
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What students/parents say about us.

If it wasn’t for Notre Dame High School, I wouldn’t have attended my dream college. I wouldn’t have been the places I’ve been, seen the things I’ve seen, or be the person I’ve become. Notre Dame has taken me places I never even imagined; there’s no telling where it will take you.
Kyle Tennant, NDHS - Alumni
The Notre Dame Schools offer parents in this area a choice.  A choice to place their child in an environment that is grounded in faith, focused on academic excellence and committed to service to others above self.   Just walking through the school, you hear students saying “please”, “thank you” and just exercising common courtesy on a daily basis. The small team sizes in all of ND’s sports allow my children to actively participate in any sport or activity of their choice.   Being a part of a team is teaching them invaluable lessons for life that sitting on the sidelines can’t.  And, as a single mom of 3 ND students and the sole financial provider for my children, Notre Dame CAN BE AFFORDABLE to anyone with scholarships always available.  There is always a way to give your child the best jump start to their future and The Notre Dame Schools is just that.
Jan Bailey, NDE Parent
The Notre Dame Schools is the only school my husband Taylor and I considered for our 3 children. We are both graduates of Notre Dame and have been blessed with friendships that started in elementary school and continue today.   Everyday, we walk our children into a school filled with the children of our lifelong friends and drop them off into the classrooms of teachers we grew up with.   Notre Dame is more than a school to us;  it is a family.   A family that teaches the importance of loyalty, character, tradition and most importantly, a relationship with God
Beth Glockner-Newman, NDHS - Alumni
As a Shawnee State University instructor, I am always impressed by the quality of students from Notre Dame High School.
Professor Dale Powell, Shawnee State University